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Top 10 Best Alternative Christian Albums of 2011: to date

Jon’s List:
By Jonathan Faulkner, Altrocklive.com

Dear Reader,

My Top 10 List of the year so far is based on albums and how well they have done over the course of the year. Though this is true, there is a certain amount of opinion that goes into the placement. Albums that made Honorable Mention may very well be on the list at the end of the year and vice versa. One thing is certain each band on this list has earned its spot despite whether critics enjoyed the album or not, I happen to have thoroughly enjoyed every album on this list!

So to all the readers and bands who are mentioned on this list thank you for reading and thank you for producing the best music of the year so far!






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10. All Things Bright and Beautiful – Owl City – Easily the best choice for Alternative  electronic album of the year, Owl City gives listeners a more mature, stronger showing than his  debut Ocean Eyes while staying true to himself.

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9. We Do What We Want – Emery – Not the best showing for the veteran Emery, but a strong  showing, none the less, the band showed they weren’t afraid to push the envelope and the result was  a heavier but more cohesive sound.

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8. Vice Verses – Switchfoot – I was pleasantly surprised to find this to be a solid outing by  the band who e years ago announced 4 new albums in 4 years (this was number 2 of those four)

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7. Anthem Song – Aaron Gillespie – A strong debut for the former Underoath Drummer and  lead singer of The Almost.

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6. With Shivering Hearts We Wait – Blindside – Not only was the return of the Swedish  act Blindside enough to revigorate a dwindling fan base, it was easily the best showing both  musically and lyrically from the post hardcore sensation

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5. Control – Abandon – The Sophomore release of the pop rock Abandon stole the hearts of  listeners all over the Christian Music industry. It will continue to be a favorite with its dance style and  cohesive sound for many years to come.

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4. Until We Have Faces – Red – The older they get the better they get, that’s all you can really  say  about Christian Rock group Red. Clearly one of the best top 5 albums of the year.

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3. Rehab (the overdose) – Lecrae – If you missed the best extended Content release of the year  you missed out. Lecrea’s Overdose goes deeper into the realm of spiritual warfare and drug use and  our relationship with Christ than any rapper has dared go before.

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2. Backlight – Tedashii – This year Backlight became the first rap album to be No. 1 for more  than 10 weeks and is certainly the next great step in Christian Rap/Hip-Hop

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1. Your Sparkling Death Cometh – Falling Up – If there’s proof you don’t need a record label to produce the best in Christian Music, this is it. Falling Up’s return to music with an independent release is easily the strongest and best put together album of 2011.

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Honorable Mentions

Leaving Eden – Brandon Heath

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Young Love – Mat Kearney

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The Love in Between – Matt Maher

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On the Altar of Love – Downhere

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Best Live Album of the year











Live at the Masquerade – Thousand Foot Krutch


Disclaimer: AltRockLive.com is not a Christian website but does contain and support music of various genres, styles and content, including faith-based music.



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