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“Tivvitter” not “Twitter” – Don’t follow this New Twitter Scam!

“Be Careful! You may not catch this new SCAM using Twitter. It’s quite tricky.”

The scam, this time is a message telling you that “someone has said terrible things about”. (Which, of course, would be the worst thing to ever happen: someone tweeting bad things about you.) It then brings you to Twitter so you can see this horriffic message. But, honestly, at this point, you should really get that this is probably a scam. I mean “porn on facebook” or ┬ásomeone you don’t know telling you people are talking about you… these should be easy things to catch onto.

Either way, the link in your email or twitter message then brings you to twitter to login. The only problem is that this is not twitter, and is, in fact, just a way to gain your login information to do all kinds of things with it.┬áProbably the thing that gives this scam away the most is that it is called, “” not “”. Always make sure you’re logging into facebook, twitter and all others by checking your address bar, especially when following through a link.

Bottom line, my friends, don’t trust links, messages or anything that takes you off of the site you’re on. I’m not saying to never click, just always be skeptical and cautious when the opportunity arises. Here is the link, if you want to check the scam out.

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