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Morrow’s Memory New Video/Single Sapphire

Check out Detroit’s own Morrow’s Memory exciting new video for their amazing new single Sapphire!

This slow, but heartfelt song shows just how talented Morrow’s Memory really are. Paired with this great video they are bound to quickly rise in the world of Alt Rock. We are excited to see what comes next out of Morrow’s Memory!

Half of this great video was shot at the Farmington Civic Theater (Farmington, MI) and the other half in an old loft building in Corktown (Detroit, MI), built in the 1920’s. It was directed by Jake Kennedy and the song was recorded and mastered by Mat Halliday (of Minx Recording Studio – Toledo, OH).


Don’t know Morrow’s Memory?

Sophisticated rock forged with head-banging riffs, lyrics that speak to the masses and melodies that resonate in your soul. This depicts the elusive sound of Metro-Detroit’s up and coming band – Morrow’s Memory.

The band initiated as a musical void that needed to be filled. The journey started with bandmates Zach Novak (Drums) and Joe Wolford (Lead Guitar) seeking the finest musicians of greater Detroit. Over the course of six months, contact with over thirty local musicians and nearly a dozen auditions, as of late September of 2009, the lineup was complete. Additional members include Tony Fitchett (Lead Vocals), Scott Sarnia (Bass), and Mike Fritz (Keyboards).

Throughout the search for musicians, the band began writing a diverse arrangement of songs. With each new member, a unique element was added into the mold of the Morrow’s Memory sound. The resulting style has been described as mainstream hard rock with hints of alternative and progressive rock. Though their sound is unique, they easily fit the format of most radio stations that feature new rock.

“Morrow’s Memory” derives from the concept that the future will inevitably become the past. Their lyrics often revolve around common life themes, providing a foundation for the listener to relate to the music. It’s real music, with real lyrics, written by real people. It’s as simple as that.

The band began performing live shows in 2010 in front of packed, enthusiastic audiences, often ending with the crowd repeatedly chanting for an encore. They released their debut album, “Moving Forward” (recorded at Minx Recording Studio), in July of 2011, which has since received significant airplay, reviews, magazine features, and other press worldwide. More recently, the band released their first official music video in March of 2013, for their new single, “Sapphire”. Currently new material is being written for a follow up album release. Be sure to continue following Morrow’s Memory on the web to stay updated with any other ventures that the band decides to pursue.


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