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Take me Home & Love me!


A former native and 1957 graduate of Waukegan Township High School has released an album of eclectic music on the Eidol e-music label. Backed by Fransisco Benitez, renowned Latin saxophonist, Sarah Pountney, BBC and BBC Wales superstar, and Set the Charge, the explosive rockers out of New York City, lyricist David M. Lujanac has captured the imagination of musicians around the globe.

Focusing on sweet and poignant love songs and rowdy adventure ballads, the album Take Me Home and Love Me touches all bases of modern American life. From a trucker’s perspective of revenge to the pleading of a lost and homeless puppy to the aimless wanderings of a country boy in the big city, Take Me Home is a tasteful mix of humor, angst, ambition, and verve carried on the wings of song.

The sweetness of Canadian Marcien Caron’s introspection as the homeless puppy is the frontispiece of the album, now available on Spotify, iTunes, rdio, deezer, Amazon, and Google


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