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5 Bands That Influenced All Time Low

You know them as the energetic pop-punk quartet with a soft spot for Baltimore and a crazy live show, but exactly how did All Time Low come to be who they are today? Formed in 2003 while the boys were still in high school, All Time Low’s influences have varied over the years, but here’s a handful that definitely deserve mentioning.

1. New Found Glory

New Found Glory did more than just influence All Time Low musically. The boys actually took their name from the New Found Glory song “Head On Collision.” The chorus of the song opens up with the line “And it feels like I’m at an all-time low.”

2. The Clash

All Time Low’s song “Do You Want Me (Dead?)” off of their fourth album “Dirty Work” was partially inspired by some of The Clash’s catchiest songs. Frontman Alex Gaskarth states, “They played a vital role in a few songs on the album. I really admired how they broke all the rules – they helped me realize that you can change up your sound and you don’t have to be afraid of holding yourself back.”

3. Green Day

Green Day was a huge influence on All Time Low in high school when the band was just starting out. Drummer Rian Dawson says, “If you would have asked us when we were sixteen years old — or fifteen years old — when we were first starting, who do you wanna be? Who are your influences? Without hesitation we would say Blink-182 and Green Day. To this day, those are still some of our favorite bands.”

4. Ella Fitzgerald

One of All Time Low’s more surprising influences is Ella Fitzgerald, whose song “It’s Only A Paper Moon” was a direct lyrical influence on the ATL song “Under A Paper Moon.” Alex Gaskarth explains that even though All Time Low “gets lumped into this category of bands that grew up on Blink-182″ this is one of his favorite songs and he believes it puts them “beyond that category of pop-punk.”

5. Blink 182

Although All Time Low might be trying to push “beyond that category of pop-punk” from time to time, we couldn’t possibly leave Blink-182 off of our list. Bassist Jack Barakat states, “We grew up playing Blink-182 covers in our basement, like so many other kids our age. It’s an absolute dream come true that we were able to go into the studio with Mark Hoppus and co-write a track together.” (The track was never released as an All Time Low song, but it was later finished and released as the City (comma) State song titled “City of Dreams). Much of All Time Low’s carefree attitude and fun stage antics have been influenced by Blink-182 as well. Alex Gaskarth explains, “I think we are a band because of Blink-182.”

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