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Style Files: Lights

With her ultra hip cut, signature cropped tops and moto-chic style, Lights has certainly set the standard for cool. Here’s a collection of our favorite looks. Watch and Learn. Go on, be a copy cat, we won’t tell.



Photographed by

Running with the Boys 

Nothing says I can run with the boys more than a bomber jacket. Paired with this very feminine white fluffy cropped top, it gives this soft look a badass feel. Here’s a few sleek bombers that will complete your go-to Lights party look in a snap.

 Knitted Bomber | Mermaid Bomber | Vegan Bomber 



Photographed by Jacob Wilson

Plaid, So Hot Right Now.

While this shot is old, her style is as good as new. Pop on a black tee, red flannel and black skinny jeans. Perfecto. Madewell will have everything you could ever need for this awesome look.

MadeWell Shirt Skinny Black Pant | Black Tee


Lights with Arkells

Photographed by Jacob Wilson

It’s all Black and White.

Simplicity at it’s best. We love this striped long sleeve denim shorts combo. Pair with sheer tights and boots for cold weather. Heels for a touch of class.

Striped Shirt | Shorts | Sheer Tights  


Coachella Vibes

Bleach Blonde locks, braids and tribal prints give Lights a whole new look fit for a festival queen. If you’re going to any summer festivals this year, look no further. This look is all you need to impress your loyal subjects.

Tribal Tank  | Cardigan



Photographed by Jacob Wilson

Talk is Cheap 

But really. If you want to mimic this look, it won’t put a big dent in your wallet. Graphic tees are everywhere. Pair with black super skinny jeans and sneaks. Now you can save your dough for that killer haircut.

Graphic Tee | Super Skinny Jeans 



Photographed by

Muscle Memory

Let’s talk about those abs! She rocks cropped tops like no one I’ve ever seen. It’s like they were made for her. Grab your favorite cropped top, pair with combat boots and black skinny jeans. Throw on a leather jacket for outerwear. Don’t forget those sit-ups.

Cropped Top   | Combat Boots 



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