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Silverstein – Celebrating 15 Years

This month marks the 15 year anniversary for the Canadian post-hardcore band Silverstein. The band is currently embarking on a ’10 Year Anniversary’ tour of their sophomore album ‘Discovering The Waterfront.’ To celebrate, let’s take a look back at their impressive discography. To clarify, this list will focus on full-length releases only.

‘2003’ When Broken Is Easily Fixed

Silverstein - When Broken Is Easily Fixed
Smashing Into Pieces, Giving Up

In 2003 post-hardcore had just emerged and Silverstein was ready to be a frontrunner for the scene. The 10-track album featured emotional lyrics and harsh screams. Vocalist Shane Told’s voice is still very raw, but the melodic hooks and palpable energy made this debut a must have for genre fans.

‘2005’ Discovering The Waterfront

Discovering The Waterfront
Singles: Smile In Your Sleep, Discovering The Waterfront, My Heroine

This album is everything genre enthusiasts could want in a sophomore release: crisp production values, matured vocals, inspired lyrics and the same up-tempo pace as their debut. ‘Discovered The Waterfront’ is the epitome of post-hardcore. Its sweeping melodies and heartfelt lyrics (My Heroine, Call It Karma) still resonate strongly a decade later.

‘2007’ Arrivals & Departures

Arrivals And Departures
Singles: If You Could See Into My Soul, Still Dreaming

Shifting gears, the band opted for a more punk-rock vibe on their next outing. Released with a lukewarm response, fans were disappointed by the lack of emotion and heaviness their previous releases provided. Personally, I still find immense enjoyment in Arrivals & Departures. The experimentation with punk-rock styles shows the band searching for its sound and it serves as an excellent addition to the band’s discography.

‘2009’ A Shipwreck In The Sand

Shipwreck In The Sand
Singles: Vices, American Dream

Reinvigorated with their heaviest sound yet, Silverstein was ready to release their first concept album with ‘Shipwreck In The Sand’. The album contains a conceptual storyline split into four chapters and features a handful of guest vocalists. The production is outstanding and Told’s vocals have noticeably improved. The rest of the outfit are all on top of their game producing arguably their best album yet.

‘2011’ Rescue

Singles: Sacrifice, The Artist, Burning Hearts

Silverstein found themselves moving away from the heavier sounds from ‘Shipwreck,’ and found a balance between fast-paced tempos and a handful of slow jams. ‘Rescue’ goes through the motions but never really elevates to anything special. Silverstein has criticized the record as not being as progressive and creative as it could have been.

‘2012’ Short Songs

short songs good
Singles: Brookfield

Returning to a concept structure, Silverstein decided to pay tribute to the bands that influenced them and released a 22-track album with bursts of originality and covers of their punk-rock counterparts. ‘Short Songs’ was meant to be a quick, fun album for hardcore fans to hold them over until the the bands next full release.

‘2013’ This Is How The Wind Shifts

This Is How The Wind Shifts

Singles: Stand Amid The Roar, Massachusetts

Silverstein’s latest effort saw long time lead guitarist Neil Boshart part ways after 11 years with the band. Paul Marc Rousseau took his place and even provides vocals on one of the tracks. The album is split into two sides, each containing a parallel track whose titles go together. As another successful concept album, ‘This Is How The Wind Shifts’ contains brilliant song-writing, an inventive structure, and a fiery passion unmatched by any of their previous releases.

‘May, 19 2015’ I Am Alive In Everything I Touch

Singles: A Midwestern State Of Emergency

Due to be released this spring, ‘I Am Alive In Everything I Touch’ will be another concept album from Silverstein. I am beyond excited to see what these men are able to create this year. If this blog post has taught you anything, it is how this band is capable of making some of the most creative, audacious, and memorable albums in the post-hardcore genre.



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