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6 Artists That Were Ahead of Their Time

the_black_keys_1378933759570The Black Keys

The duo from Akron, OH have been pumping out their once-unique brand of dusty revival-blues since 2001, finally reaching major commercial success with their 2010 album Brothers. No doubt you’ve noticed the “old school” sound come back in music as of late, and whether it was persistence or good timing, these boys have definitely been at their craft since before it was cool.

CeeLo Green

Producer and singer Cee-Lo Green undoubtedly planted some seeds with his eclectic project Gnarls Barkley, which was co-captained by influential producer Danger Mouse. Take a listen to their early work and you’ll see another example of an artist bringing back a forgotten style. Later, Green’s solo smash hit- 2010’s “F*** You,” re-introduced old-school motown sound.

The Mars Volta

A wild bunch of wickedly-talented musicians fronted by vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, The Mars Volta’s explosive debut; 2001’s De-Loused In The Comatorium, was a masterpiece that took what was then known as “experimental” into an entirely new dimension. Fusing hardcore elements with fantastical storytelling, eerie soundscapes, and a disconcern for standard structures, these guys definitely deserve some recognition.


Long before the post-hardcore boom in 2008 that erupted with chugging breakdowns from all directions, Dredg were busy pioneering enormous syncopated interludes (among other stylistic elements) that weren’t discovered by a more mainstream crowd until several years later. Listen to the break in their 2005 track “Tanbark.”


This one is obvious. Former frontman of From First To Last, Sonny Moore, ventured into electronic music in brand new ways by developing a signature chaotic sound that created an explosion of similar-sounding artists and thrust electronic music to the front lines of popular music.

The Fall Of Troy

Easily one of the craziest-sounding musical acts out there, the newly-reunited band was in a league of their own until recently. The spastic guitar-playing and alternating vocal styles of Thomas Erak have become the blueprints for numerous hardcore sub-genres that currently own the airwaves.




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