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10 Musicians Who Double As Visual Artists 1. Gerard Way Before the My Chemical Romance frontman decided to suit up for the Black Parade and take the world by storm with his music career he was an aspiring animator at Cartoon Network. Since th... Liz Groth October 20, 2014
10 Musicians Who Double As Visual Artists
You're the Best, Around. We had an amazing week on Facebook, and I got to post about some of my favorite bands. Paramore anyone? Here’s my top fan photo pics for the week, and a few #altrocklive regrams. Keep em coming... Ashley Bard October 17, 2014
You're the Best, Around.
Fall Out Boy Teams Up With Disney To Release New Single     It seems our favorite rock and roll crusaders have been hard at work lately. Just last month Fall Out Boy released their hit single “Centuries,” and now they’re at it again. Recently, t... Liz Groth October 15, 2014
Fall Out Boy Teams Up With Disney To Release New Single
10 Ways to #GetFamous: Tips 9 + 10 10 Ways to get famous: #9 + #10: Just Do What You Do and Work Really Hard at It Here are the final steps to becoming famous. Take them and you just might end up there. You may start with no idea what... Cameron Bartlett October 14, 2014
10 Ways to #GetFamous: Tips 9 + 10
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 8 #8 Get Somebody to Back You Fans are important, but representation totally is, too. It will be what launches you from making-it, to there! Bringing on a marketing guy, a manager, a label, they’... Cameron Bartlett October 9, 2014
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 8
You're the Best, Around Each week, I’ll be hunting down the best fan photos on Instagram of bands we recently posted about. If you’d like us to give you a shout out, just use the hashtag #AltRockLive, and I̵... Ashley Bard October 9, 2014
You're the Best, Around
Zac Farro Talks About New Halfnoise Album "Volcano Crowe" More than two years after releasing their first EP, Halfnoise has released their first full-length album titled “Volcano Crowe”.In this video, Zac talks about his inspiration for the al... Drew Bartlett October 4, 2014
Zac Farro Talks About New Halfnoise Album
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 7 #7 Your core Group is vital Your core group of dedicated fans is vital. As is eventually getting representation. We talked about marketing and street teams. Well the best marketing will forever be, w... Cameron Bartlett September 30, 2014
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 7
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 5 + 6 #5 + #6 Market it and Yourself Well The right kind of marketing is so important. This doesn’t just mean how your album cover looks, how your idea is presented or how many followers you have. It... Cameron Bartlett September 23, 2014
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 5 + 6
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 3 + 4   #3 + #4 Do it Better Than Anyone and Don’t Think You’re the Best, but Deff Try to Be Be the best! It’s a nice thing to say, or to think, but it’s totally attainable. If... Cameron Bartlett September 16, 2014
10 Ways to #GetFamous: 3 + 4