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2015 NYE Resolution Playlist Need a bit of inspiration while making your New Year's resolutions this year? Give our 2015 NYE Resolution Playlist a listen! Liz Groth December 27, 2014
2015 NYE Resolution Playlist
Computers Have Changed Music Forever It’s no question that people have never had so many complaints about mainstream music as they do, today. People are and have been hungry for a change, for new, different and totally out-of-the-b... Cameron Bartlett August 19, 2014
Computers Have Changed Music Forever
Want to get signed? There are some great ways to get noticed by record labels. You can familiarize people with your music, gain a following and build rapport with fans. These are all very easily and most effectively don... Cameron Bartlett October 20, 2012
Want to get signed?
'Living Things' from Linkin Park and Spotify! Today’s the day where the worldwide band, Linkin Park has released their latest album ‘Living Things‘!  This is the band’s  fifth studio album and has already been making wave... Kris Lori Fuentes Cortes June 26, 2012
'Living Things' from Linkin Park and Spotify!
Spotify Releases Apps!!   Spotify Apps are now being released!               Have you heard? We’ve just introduced an exciting new world inside Spotify. It’s a world where... Cameron Bartlett January 31, 2012
Spotify Releases Apps!!