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How do you have “Hearts Like Lions”?

Hearts Like Lions

In a day, I was sent a new album by Hearts Like Lions, loved it so much that I requested an interview, that day and the band got it back in record timing. These guys are legit! You need to hear this new album! Here’s a chat I had with the band:

Tell us a little about how you started.
We started as any local band here in Long Beach with tons of member changes, playing anywhere and everywhere. We all knew each other from the church circuit. Luke moved to San Francisco in August 2013 and Nick and Stephen kept it going, successfully launching a Kickstarter campaign to record and release These Hands with Dryw Owens. Luke came back to join the action in August 2014. Since the release of the record, band life has been a sort of mayhem haha.

Our sound is definitely influenced by several genres.

I just want to say that I like your stuff, a lot! Could you take us through what influenced your sound?
Our sound is definitely influenced by several genres. Stephen draws his influence from bands like As Cities Burn and Taking Back Sunday while Luke takes more of a Mutemath-ish technical approach to songs. Nick has a hardcore / punk background, so I think that may be the drive behind the harder hitting parts of the songs.

What drives you guys?
I know for us, music has been something we’ve wanted to do for as long as we can remember. I think we just thoroughly enjoy the work and devotion to the band. It’s something we are genuinely excited about and believe in. I think that’s what drives us!

If you could cut out the music and show, what themes would you hope to express to your listeners?
All songs Stephen has written are about things he’s personally experienced or that others have experienced. So we hope to relate to our listeners and connect to them on a more personal level. We want people to treat each other well, no matter what their differences or problems are, In deed and not in just word. We try to walk as examples of that.

What can we expect from you guys, next?
We’ve been working on our first full length for T&N, which will be out next year. We still plan our own tours at the moment so expect some of those to be announced very soon. This is an exciting time for us.

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