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The Start of Sinclair


How are you enjoying Nashville and how does it compare to NY?
I LOVE Nashville. New York’s great but after High School, I needed a change. I feel lucky to have found the community I did out here.

You’re someone who frequents songwriting events. Is it competitive and what did you learn most from them?
I’ve been writing and producing in Nashville for a couple years now and yea, the town’s filled with talented people and in that sense, very competitive. I don’t mind. I came here to be challenged. Nashville’s all about the song. What story are you telling? How are you telling it? I don’t necessarily write a lot of country but the language is universal. A good song’s a good song.

How did you find your sound?
It started with classical guitar. I picked it up as a kid and haven’t been able to put it down. As I got older I was introduced to other genres and other instruments but the guitar has remained at the center of what I do. With the Sweet Talk EP, I wanted a change of scenery ­ something fresh. We decided to work in LA where I was introduced to some amazing collaborators. It was about trying to combine what I do with the pop, hip­hop and indie flavors of that city.

What can we expect form you in the near future?
More music, more tours ­ just more. We’ve put together a great team and have big plans for 2015.

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