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Angels & Airwaves - The Dream Walker

Released:December 9, 2014

1. Teenagers & Rituals
2. Paralyzed
3. The Wolfpack
4. Tunnels
5. Kiss With A Spell
6. Mercenaries
7. Bullets In The Wind
8. The Disease
9. Tremors
10. Anomaly

‘The Dream Walker’ is Angels & Airwaves most ambitious project to date. Frontman Tom DeLonge and multi-instrumentalist IIan Rubin are the only contributing members for this latest release.
The album kicks off with ‘Teenagers and Rituals’ which finds AVA using its patented synthesizers and implementing a gratuitous amount of fast-paced energy. ‘Paralyzed’s intro displays some distorted bass and drums while sounding like a throwback track to the bands earlier work in ‘I Empire.’ ‘Tunnels’ takes its time building up while DeLonge patiently waits to let loose and expand his range. ‘The Disease & Tremors’ provide brilliant atmosphere and breezy vocals to establish them as the ‘feel good’ tracks of the album. ‘Anomaly’ serves as AVA’s first take on a primarily acoustic track incorporating a lot in a short amount of time, including some island-style instrumentation. The result is a beautifully convoluted mess sure to leave some scratching their heads.

With ‘The Dream Walker,’ AVA has edged out the sound they crafted with the ‘Love’ series and aimed for something different. The 80’s style synthesizer’s sound more tuned to ‘alternative’ rock rather than their usual ‘space’ rock. DeLonge shows a lot of restraint and versatility in his vocals leading to a well-executed venture from their typical sound. Structurally; the introductions and verses feature new concepts and stylistic changes while the choruses contain the usual catchy pop hooks. ‘The Dream Walker’ does a great job of incorporating these new elements while staying true to their original sound. This marks a defining point in AVA’s career where they choose to explore new ground and it pays off quite well.

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