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Aurganic - Deviations

Released:September 24, 2013

1. Choices (ft. Joel Goguen)
2. Waking Trials (ft. Scott Carruthers)
3. Lucid
4. Paradigm (ft. Joel Goguen)
5. The Lost And The Found (ft. Scott Carruthers)
6. Single Motion Sound (ft. Joel Goguen)
7. Swells (ft. Scott Carruthers)
8. Outcast
9. In Deep Waters
10. Easy (ft. Jessica Stuart)
11. Southbound
12. Deviations

Long-time friends, Leo Pisaq and Michael Kossov started their musical journeys back in high school where they played for several local punk bands in their native city of Toronto. As with most friends, they drifted after graduation, discovering different genres of music, and reconnected in 2010 to take another crack at teaming up for a whole new sound and style. Stemming from the interests of their respective fathers in the world of jazz music, and with a touch of both alternative rock and electronica, the duo discovered a unique sound that would stay with them throughout the process of writing their first full-length album. Life as Canvas was released in 2012 to great response, prompting the duo to continue their growth in the world of independent music, meticulously working on a follow-up album that will be released on September 24th, entitled, Deviations.

With Deviations, Pisaq and Kossov upped the proverbial anti with a few guest vocals and a smooth transition from track to track. With the opening song, Choices, a very cinematic barrage of instrumentals set us on an energetic beginning, subtly flowing in to vocals by contributor, Joel Goguen. A mixture of dub step, eletronica, and distortion propels us in to a climax towards the end of this powerful song. Choices also now boasts a companion music video, depicting the story of how each of our choices ultimately effect everyone else around us in different sometimes profound ways. (Video can be found on the official website under the 'video' tab)

Following in a similar, but not identical vein, the tracks, Waking Trials, Paradigm, The Lost and Found, and Single Motion Sound, all feature vocals by both Joel Goguen and Scott Carruthers. Each song drifts from high and energetic to a more easy going pace, never falling off or veering in to the realm of boringness, or the mundane. Perhaps the most out- of- place (in the best of ways) track comes towards the second half of the album with a vocal contribution by singer, Jessica Stuart on Easy. Behind the sometimes harsh and smooth music of Pisaq and Kossov, Ms. Stuart brings a soulful and jazzy feel to the song. Her voice, seasoned, but appropriately not polished, treads playfully with the electric instrumentals behind her.

The title song greets us at the the very end of the album. A piano solo, masterfully done in a complex, yet simple style leads us in to a rhythm guitar, soon melding in to electronic bliss of contrasting instruments. This song is definitely the strongest on the album in terms of instrumentals, and, in this reviewer's opinion, would work wonders as a theme song to a television drama or even on a movie soundtrack.

Although not a genre of music this reviewer often analyzes, it was a very enjoyable departure, one that will prompt a more in depth look at the evolution of electronica song writing. The album is not jolting or fragmented, but bleeds nicely in to each track, thus living up to its album title in the most respectable of ways. I recommend this album to anyone looking for a refreshing take on an ambitious melding of musical genres, and to anyone not looking for something completely different, but something that deviates from the predictable norm.

Visit the Official Aurganic website at : http://www.aurganicmusic.com

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Deviations will be released on September 24th, and can be purchased through itunes or by visiting the the Aurganic website and clicking on 'Store'.

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