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Bonfires - Nothing To Hold/Something To Keep

Released:December 9, 2014

1. Looking At It From The Outside, It's Safe To Say That You Won't Change Your Mind
2. Nothing To Hold
3. Something To Keep

You may have noticed that Bonfires has appeared on this site a few times in the recent months, and that's for good reason. The Chicago pop-punk quintet has only been delivering their heartfelt tunes a short while, but it's about time people took notice. Their latest EP, 'Nothing To Hold/Something To Keep,' is as full of emotion as its lengthy title is full of words. The opening track, "Looking At It From The Outside..." starts off slow and transcendent, like something we would see from Gates. It's powerful in its own right, but the real meat comes from the following tracks, "Nothing To Hold" and "Something To Keep." Each of the two songs begin with driving verses, chopped up by sing-along choruses that serve as an excellent delivery system for the raw vocals of frontman, Zech Pluister. "Something To Keep" is perhaps the strongest track; it's characteristic of everything the band is doing right and begs for repeat listens.

Drawbacks; it's really short! Like REALLY short. There are two entire songs, plus one delicate intro; that's it. The good news is the EP is free, but only while "supplies" last, so you should move on this before you miss out. If you're looking for more, the band's previous EP 'We All Talk About Dying Like We've Done It Before,' a slightly longer release, arrived in July of this year. Oh, and it's free too, so you have no excuse.

Score: 8/10

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