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Boys Like Girls - Crazy World

Released:July 17, 2012

1. Be Your Everything
2. Two Is Better than One
3. Life of the Party

They did it again. The boys of Boys Like Girls nailed the enjoyable fun summer sound that they are known for. Their recently released EP, Crazy World, is just three songs long, but each is high quality with a different variation on their typical sound. The first song "Be Your Everything" sounds a bit like their hit song, "Two Is Better than One." It is romantic and soft yet intensely powerful. The second track, "Life of the Party," is the most summery song on this EP. It's exciting and relaxing, a very top down sunglasses on kind of song. "The First Time" embodies all of the passion and excitement of teenage years with the talent of this band in an absolutely amazing song. This EP is a must have for any summer playlist.

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