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Downhere - On the Altar of Love

Released:August 23, 2011

Only The Beginning (3:57)
Rest (4:09)
Let Me Rediscover You (3:59)
Turn This Around (3:53)
Living The Dream (3:33)
Seek (3:44)
Glory By The Way of Shame (3:52)
Holy (4:31)
For The Heartbreak (3:29)
For Life (3:59)
The Altar of Love (3:12)
Reveal The Kingdom (4:31)

Canadian Contemporary Rockers Downhere have been a bit of an enigma since they entered the Christian Music Scene with their self title debut in 2001. Every album has followed a similar pattern but has had something that marks heir growth and maturity as a band. On the Altar of Love is no exception and may even be the bands greatest work to date.

It would seem that Musically the band has taken sounds from previous records and mixed them to form something new and different. "Seek" is a solid rock song that will remind the listener of "Stir" from Wide Eyed and Mystified, the opener, "Only The Beginning" is reminiscent of "A Better Way" from the same album while "Living the Dream" stands out as something totally different for the band using a complete rhythm section. The slower "Glory by the Way of Shame" also stands alone as something new for the band with music that only compliments the songs incredible Lyrics.

The Lyrics may be the best ever from Downhere, "Rest" uses scripture from Psalms to illustrate God's calling to us to be a place of rest. "Seek" is a passionate song encouraging the listener to seek God, scripture is used once again here to illustrate a beautiful point. "Let Me Rediscover You" talks about seeking God and really knowing Him for who He is. The beautiful "Glory By the Way of Shame" will probably move the listener to tears as they listen to the stories of broken relationships being renewed ("Glory, by the way of shame, bear a cross in Jesus name, oh there's Glory by the way of shame, It's an amazing grace, glory by the way of shame") "Holy" may be the best worship song released in this decade and "For Life" is just a great example of the bands songwriting abilities.

Fans young and old will love On the Altar of Love, the latest from Downhere. A great example of a band with staying power that defiantly has something to say in today's modern culture.

Record Label: Centricity Music
Album length: 12 tracks: 46 minutes, 43 seconds
Street Date: August 23, 2011

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