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Enter Shikari - The Mindsweep

Released:January 20, 2015

1. The Appeal & The Mindsweep I
2. The One True Colour
3. Anaesthetist
4. The Last Garrison
5. Never Let Go Of The Microscope
6. Myopia
7. Torn Apart
8. interlude
9. The Bank Of England
10. There’s A Price On Your Head
11. Dear Future Historians…
12. The Appeal & The Mindsweep II

Enter Shikari starts off the New Year with ‘The Mindsweep.’ Being a fan of Enter Shikari means essentially one thing: be prepared for anything.

The album begins with a wonderfully constructed electronic intro accompanied by lead vocalist Rou Reynolds giving a heavily inspired PSA about the environment. Needless to say, this is merely the tip of brilliance they touch within the first minute of ‘The Mindsweep.’ ‘The One True Colour’ keeps the energy flowing with excellently layered vocals in its verses and a heartfelt breakdown bound to stay in your head for days. ‘The Last Garrison’ acts as a call to arms. Its grandiose beginning will please hardcore fans while the synth heavy chorus channels concepts from their previous releases. Enter Shikari never makes the same album twice and ‘The Mindsweep’ follows suit. ‘Torn Apart’ serves as one of the most fundamental rock tracks (by their standards) the band has produced in quite some time. Rou Reynold’s socio-political lyrics compliment the soothing chorus. ‘Dear Future Historians’ takes a huge leap forward by producing over 4 minutes of pure piano bliss accompanied by Reynold’s philosophical take on his life thus far.

To put this simply: Enter Shikari has done it again. ‘The Mindsweep’ is a borderline masterpiece. Not all of the pieces are as strong as the last though. ‘Anaesthetist and The Bank of England,’ while well-intentioned, come across as a bit repetitive at times, however, the bulk of the album is strong enough to make it flow steadily. The production value is absolutely superb. This is by and large Enter Shikari’s most comprehensive and complete album to date. The lyrics are poignant and thought-provoking. The musicianship is innovative with creative song structures. There is no other band in the world like Enter Shikari and this album is just further proof of that. ‘The Mindsweep’ also serves as a great introductory album to get into the band if you found their other albums ‘strange.’ It provides the right amount of hooks and melodies without sacrificing their patented sound. This may be drastically too early to call for now, but this album may very well make my ‘Best of’ list by the end of year.

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