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Front Porch Step - Whole Again

Released:December 2, 2014

1. A Lovely Mess
2. Heaven Sent
3. I'll Be Home For Christmas
4. Whole Again

For Fans Of: Brand New, Dashboard Confessional, Real Friends, The Front Bottoms, Bayside

Indie acoustic singer / songwriter Jake Mcelfresh of Front Porch Step is back with a follow up to 2013’s successful “Aware” LP that is bound to leave you speechless. Despite only being 15 minutes in length, Mcelfresh’s “Whole Again” is filled to the brim with raw, heartfelt lyrics that pack a punch with every line. The EP features three brand new tracks as well as a cover version of the classic “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” just in time for the holidays.

“A Lovely Mess” kicks off the track list with the captivating lyrics “I’m not the man that I once was, but I’m changing every day because I want to find someone like you, and you've got eyes that could tear me down but all they do is build me up, so hold my hand before my heart erupts.” Acoustic guitar licks are flavored with a dash of twang and ambient keys are added later on to keep things interesting, but it’s Mcelfresh’s raw vocals that steal the spotlight. This simple, stripped down acoustic song easily makes it onto the top ten list of cutest love songs this year as Mcelfresh croons “someday we could wake up in a bed we call our own, I would buy you lots of flowers and someday I’d build you a home. I would sing you Frank Sinatra while we sway along and dance, this life of course could be all yours’ if you’d just give me a chance.”

Title track “Whole Again” proves to be the real jaw dropper on this EP though. The six and a half minute long song begins with a melancholy finger-picked guitar intro, but the song takes a few wild and surprising turns. At about the three and a half minute mark, drums kick in to pick up the tempo, only to slow down once more before suddenly launching into an unexpected electric guitar solo performed by Four Year Strong’s Dan O’Connor. Mcelfresh also showcases a much greater vocal range on this track, incorporating shouts and adding extra emotional emphasis to convey a desperate sense of longing.

The only piece of this EP that seems a little bit off is the inclusion of the holiday classic “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” Although Mcelfresh does a beautiful rendition of the song, it feels awkwardly sandwiched in between the other songs on “Whole Again” and would have seemed much more natural if it had been released as a single separate from this EP.

Overall, “Whole Again” is a wonderfully honest and unapologetic EP that leaves the listener yearning for more. The three original tracks are all great additions to Mcelfresh’s set list and the EP provided the perfect sampling of what is hopefully still to come.

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