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Hideouts - Stuck Between Stories

Released:November 20, 2012

1. Consistency Runner
2. Pulling Me Down
3. Alleybyes
4. Toasting Internalization
5. Halos
6. Lightspeed Down

It's been awhile since a new band has come out that reminds us all how much we love and miss the amazing pop-rock era from the early 00s. Still keeping the genre fresh, Hideouts [Huntington Beach, CA] is bringing up your best memories with their energetic new EP "Stuck Between Stories." If you like bands such as Four Year Strong and Cartel, this is the band for you!

The album grabs you in right from the start with "Consistency Runner" followed by "Pulling Me Down" which is pop-rock at its best. The catchy guitar riffs and drum beats will keep you singing along the whole way through. The third song on the EP, "Alleybyes" is the first single which Hideouts recently released a video for. Frontman, Dan Chavez puts such emotion and passion into the music he creates. You can hear his love of music pour out with each note he sings. You can't help but have a great time listening to it. It's the perfect combination of vocals and music collaboration; you wont be able to sit still [even if you claim you can't dance!]

The last 3 songs on the EP keep the energy flowing and consistent. It's not only fun but its relatable with lyrics like "don't think you've got me figured out, you don't know a thing about me anyway." Have we not all felt that way about at situation at some point? The album is wrapped up with the song "Lightspeed Down" which is a great balance of aggressive and pop-rock. You'll be bummed the album is only 6 songs but we can all expect great things from Hideouts in the near future! You can purchase the full EP on itunes for just under $6 which is a steal! Definitely pick it up; it's a must have for the upcoming warmer weather!

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