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Modern Suits - Every Light

Released:November 11, 2014

1. The Road
2. Waiting
3. Home
4. Tunnels
5. Every Light

Modern Suit’s new EP ‘Every Light’ is produced by Fred Mascherino (The Color Fred, ex-Taking Back Sunday) and released on Sleep Retreat Records.

The EP kicks off with ‘The Road’ which is chalk full of energy and melodies. The lyrics display a dour sense of hopelessness and the breakdown generates some nimble guitar work.The chorus is monstrous and builds a palpable amount of tension to complement the lyrics. ‘Home’s lyrics are dense with imagery and the build up to the chorus is remarkably powerful. The track is reminiscent of The Getaway Plan’s ‘Requiem’ in establishing swift guitar harmonies and compelling choruses. The title track ‘Every Light’ uses some versatile drums that go well with the somber lyrics. Even though many of the lyrics are packed with desperation, they manage to find the silver lining of hope and optimism.

Modern Suits went through a lot of hassle just trying to get this record made. Band members parted ways and the future of the band seemed unclear. They brought in new members for recording and are now at a full lineup once more. Despite the drama the band has managed to craft an absolutely superb EP. The sound on ‘Every Light’ is polished and the instrumentation feels tight. The distinctive vocals blend together brilliantly with the heartfelt and often bleak lyrics. The EP ages well with every listen and each track has many appealing qualities that make it difficult to pick a favorite. Modern Suits craft an incredible EP that deserves your attention.

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