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Red - Until We Have Faces

Released:February 1, 2011

Feed The Machine (5:11)
Faceless (3:24)
Lie To Me (Denial) (4:15)
Let It Burn (4:58)
Buried Beneath (3:47)
Not Alone (4:08)
Watch You Crawl (3:43)
The Outside (3:14)
Who We Are (3:54)
Best Is Yet To Come (4:05)
Hymn For The Missing (5:38)

It's hard for bands to put out three great albums consecutively, to do so in Christian and alternative markets would put you in an elite group with groups like Demon Hunter and Anberlin. Well it's time to add a new group to that list, and that group is the grammy nominated Red with their third album "Until We Have Faces"

Musically there is not much new, founding twin brothers Randy and Anthony Armstrong seem content to stay within the musical style they have set for themselves. If the album does anything different musically it seems to have a slower feel to it. Yes the rock that we got used to on songs like "Death of Me" from their sophomore release and "Breathe Into Me" from their freshmen release makes an appearance on tracks like the hit "Faceless" The heavy-power opener."Freed the Machine" and "Lie to Me" as well as a few others songs like the ballad "Not Alone" and "The Best is Yet to Come" give the listener a little more musical meat to chew on.

Lyrically there is a lot going on, Red sings about everything from being real in our faith on "Faceless"to dealing with broken relationships on the very next track "Lie to Me" Back to spiritual matters on "Let it Burn", "Who We Are" and "Not Alone" The content makes it hard to pick one specific standout track, each one will grow on you the more you listen.

With all of this it is safe to say that Red is quickly working their way into the list of great Christian rock groups that are out on the market today. They have a solid message, a strong lineup of musicians and now it would seem a household name and an album that we will still be listening to years down the road.

Record Label: Essential Records
Album length: 11 tracks: 46 minutes, 9 seconds
Street Date: February 1, 2011

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