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Sanctus Real - RUN

Released:February 5, 2013

1. Run
2. On Our Own
3. Promises
4. Pray
5. We Will Never Give Up
6. Nothing Between
7. Commitment
8. Keep Me Young
9. One of Those Things
10. Better Than This
11. Picture of Grace
12. You Are God
13. That\'s Life (Bonus)
14. Love You Tightly (Bonus)
15. One More Show (Bonus)
16. Sanctuary (Bonus)
17. Run (Remix)

It's hard to believe it's been three years since Sanctus Real's Grammy Award Nominated Pieces of a Real Heart, but now the Ohio based quintet that brought you tracks like "lead Me," and "We Need Each Other" is back with another dynamic and well thought out album. It's true that Run may solidify Matt Hammitt and Sanctus Real as one of the greatest Christian bands of our generation.

As far as Sanctus Real albums go, this album continues the evolution of a band that started out fairly rock oriented, with a young sound and at times immature sounding tunes to a seasoned group with a mature sound and a mature vocalist. Matt Hammitt's voice is simply getting better with age, and the songwriting is continually improving, as well. This combination leaves us with a sound that not only remains true to their original form, but still holds a uniqueness. From the opener "Run" to the rockier "Promises" to the slower ballads like "Pray" and "We Will Never Give Up.", it seems that Sanctus Real hasn't missed a beat, putting on album that is not only cohesive but also original.

If you thought the lyrics on Pieces of a Real Heart were deep, the band has taken it to another level on Run. While it's true that the band falls into some common cliches, tracks like the title cut and "Promises", fans will still find themselves encouraged and even challenged. This is something Sanctus has found to continually prove themselves in. "Commitment" will remind the listener of "Lead Me" but looks deeper into married life in this world and the commitment involved in Christian Faith. Some of the more worship oriented tracks may surprise listeners, "You are God" being the most surprising of the bunch, as well as a standout track. It stands out because of the crafting of the song, the use of scripture and the straight forward message it presents: "Not mine but your will be done, on Earth as in heaven above, You are God." The only drawback is that the song becomes a little repetitive by the end.

It's no surprise that Sanctus Real has put out another beautifully crafted album. The band keeps getting better with age, making it more and more exciting to hear what they will put out next.

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