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Senses Fail - Renacer

Released:March 26, 2013

1. Renacer
2. Holy Mountain
3. Mi Amor
4. Closure / Rebirth
5. The Path
6. Canine
7. Glass
8. Ancient Tombs
9. Frost Flower
10. Snake Bite
11. Courage of the Knife
12. Between the Mountains and the Sea

Let's just get this out of the way, this album is not like anything you've ever heard from Senses Fail.

"Renacer" translated from Spanish means, "To be reborn." This album does that, and a lot more. I feel as though there will be a sharp divide amongst many fans on this album. It is strictly going to be a love/hate dynamic. If anyone approaches this album with the thought it will sound like ANY of their previous material, they will surely be disappointed. Having established this twice now, let's talk about why this album is so different.

This is by a long shot Senses Fail's hardest album to date. The harshness from Buddy Nielsen's voice is absolutely thunderous. Buddy has always been known to be unpredictable when it comes to his style. For the first time ever, Senses Fail provides us with uplifting lyrics. Coming to terms with who you are and accepting your past are very prevalent themes throughout the record. The guitars sound primal and raw as they rip through each track. All of Senses Fail's "poppy" vibes are completely drowned out by the pulsating vocals and harsh guitars. The most intriguing track on the album is without a doubt, Mi Amor. This song is primarily sung in Spanish and is extremely poetic in its message.

Poetic is probably the perfect word to describe this album. It is not something you jam to on an everyday basis. This album seriously makes you wonder what you are doing with your life. Glass, struck a nerve with me because of how passionate its words are conveyed. I won't be listening to this album on a daily basis, it is much too powerful for that. Between the Mountains and the Sea sent chills down my spine the first time I heard it. Buddy makes you ask yourself questions you wouldn't normally ask yourself. Depending on where you are at with your life right now, this album may hit all the right chords, or you'll dismiss it completely. I won't try to argue for either position. It is extremely personal every time you listen to it. Don't let the harsh vocals overshadow the beautiful lyrics. There is a great message embedded in this album. Take a shot, love it or hate it.

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