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Transit - Joyride

Released:October 21, 2014

1. The Only One
2. Saturday Sunday
3. Rest To Get Better
4. Sweet Resistance
5. Nothing Left To Lose
6. Ignition & Friction
7. Fine By Me
8. Loneliness Burns
9. Summer Dust
10. Too Little, Too Late
11. Pins and Needles
12. Follow Me

‘Joyride’ is the latest offering from Rise Record’s Transit. The Boston natives are on watch from the pop-punk community as they look to move past the widely criticized ‘Young New England’ and find a familiar sound in their latest outing.

‘Joyride’ kicks off the album with ‘The Only One,’ a worthy track to dissect and establish the path of what to expect. The track blends elements of a somber ballad in its verses and a charge of undeniably catchy lyrics and upbeat rhythm in its chorus. ‘Rest To Get Better’ finds Transit back in their comfort zone and will no doubt appeal to their older fans. The track ushers along at a brisk pace and displays a plethora of charm and witty lyricisms. The anthem track ‘Nothing Left To Lose’ is sure to generate a strong following for party-hard listeners as it encourages fans to take action in their lives and have fun with the ones you love. ‘Loneliness Burns’ establishes itself as the sorrowful ballad of ‘Joyride’ and takes us away ever so briefly from the fun that has been had up until now. Switching gears, ‘Summer Dust’ lives up to its seasonal name and delivers a track infused with swift guitar work and a longing for warmer days. ‘Follow Me’ ends the album with a tragic love story that attributes just enough hope and inspiration to suit the album’s overall message.

When listening to ‘Joyride’ it is clear that Transit has changed. This is something that needs to be established for fans of the Boston natives. Lead guitarist Tim Landers has left, but Transit will continue without him. If ‘Joyride’ is any indication for what is to be expected from now on, sign me up! This is easily one of the best pop-rock albums of 2014 and fans should enjoy it for what it is: fun. Each track takes a stylistic approach of repeating a few key phrases to give audiences something to sing along to. By taking the structure of pop music, these tracks are able to be irresistibly catchy and they excel in every way. ‘Joyride’s pleasant aroma is sure to generate a lot of smiles and a lot of repeat listens.

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