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Yellowcard - Lift A Sail

Released:October 7, 2014

1. Convocation
2. Transmission Home
3. Crash the Gates
4. Make Me So
5. One Bedroom
6. Fragile and Dear
7. Illuminate
8. Madrid
9. The Deepest Well
10. Lift a Sail
11. MSK
12. My Mountain
13. California

Yellowcard’s new highly anticipated album ‘Lift A Sail’ has finally arrived. Yellowcard has firmly established themselves as one of the pillars of the pop-punk community over the past decade and have consistently released quality albums. ‘Lift A Sail’ is the latest entry into this impressive discography to veer from their patented sound.

Similar to the intro to ‘Lights and Sounds,’ ‘Convocation’ is an instrumental track where the strings move swiftly and graciously as they set the tone for the album. ‘Transmission Home’ and ‘Crash The Gates’ ditch the fast-paced setup and aim for hard-rock anthem qualities. The signature drum style of former member LP is missing, but backup Nate Young (Anberlin) does an admirable job filling in. These first few tracks are arguably the heaviest songs the band has ever produced. ‘Make Me So’ finds Yellowcard retracing their roots with an eccentric chorus and copious amounts of energy. The added electronic elements in the verses are a new direction that molds well with their repertoire. ‘One Bedroom’ is destined to be a love ballad for couples to call ‘their song.’ The slower tracks, ‘Madrid,’ ‘MSK,’ and ‘California,’ serve as a showcase for vocalist Ryan Key to let loose and expand his range. The title track ‘Lift A Sail’ is layered with rock ballad elements and watching it unfold is magnificent.

‘Lift A Sail’ is a drastic shift from their previous material. The most surprising aspect of the album is how quickly adaptable it is for fans. For a band that typically values pop-punk structure, the transition to this experimental album is very effective and smooth. The lyrics are more personal than ever before and Key’s heartfelt words to his wife and family are sincerely engaging. This is still the same Yellowcard, but in the most mature and refined version we have seen yet.

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