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Yours Truly - Brutally Honest

Released:November 11, 2014

1. Slim to None
2. Remember the Monsters
3. Perfect for Each Other (feat. Phrayzer)
4. Told You I Was Leaving
5. Middle of the Fall
6. Flames
7. Kids
8. Never Be Me
9. Worth It
10. Comatose
11. Gray

Michigan pop-punk outfit, Yours Truly, have a relatively short history. Having released an EP in 2012 called Scout's Honor, their early sound incorporated a little bit of electronic elements that backed a Starting Line feel. In their their brand new full-length, 'Brutally Honest,' the guys really polished their sound by removing superfluous parts without detracting from the fullness of the mix. The production in general is one of the most impressive parts of the album, from a beefy bass tones, to smooth lead vocals and articulate drumming. The songs are well-composed and full of life, and backed with a snide attitude. The opening track "Slim to None" lets you know what you're in for with its dancy feel and perfect amount of heavy guitar lines, plus a pretty slick solo on the outro. Songs like "Middle of the Fall" bring in some nice string pieces that really class up the place, adding to the maturity of the release.

Jonathan Weber's lead vocals are an immediate standout on the album; sprinkled with some smooth little runs, they shine is a similar way to those of Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump. While going through Brutally Honest's 11 tracks, a few things do get a little repetitive however. The up-beat choruses begin to feel a little bit recycled before the record runs out, but plenty of artists are guilty of far worse. And remember Weber's vocal runs? Well, unfortunately those begin to wear out their welcome as time goes on, but they're not entirely gratuitous. Regardless, the songs are fun and extremely catchy. Brutally Honest is an easy pickup for a fans of State Champs, Four Year Strong, and the aforementioned, Fall Out Boy.

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