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Dispatch with Elephant Revival

TD Garden in Boston, MA
There are very few times in my life when I am overwhelmed with how talented a band is, but if ever I have felt impressed before it was nothing in comparison to how absolutely awe-inspiring the Dispatch concert was last week at The Garden. On arrival I was surprised at the sheer amount of people that were crammed into the stadium, but after the first song started I understood. Every instrument played, from banjo to guitar to bongos sounded so crisp and perfect I could have sworn my ears were tingling with delight.

The atmosphere was also one of the best I have ever experienced. The people were all enjoying themselves, dancing wildly with smiles stretching as wide as seemingly possible. At one point a game of Marco Polo was played with both Chad and Brad while Pete played guitar. The entire audience was in high spirits while watching and playing, and even listening to the sudden bursts of music that would be played while both band members ran around in the stadium.

Also impressive was how diverse the music was, from folk to rock to rap the band played a game of musical chairs, switching from instrument to instrument and genre to genre. It's no wonder they sold out three straight days at The Garden, if I had the chance I would have seen every show.

The latter end of the show was accompanied by two saxophone players, honoring Clarence Clemmons, who, in turn, put most of the sax players I know to shame. Then at the end of the show the opening act, Elephant Revival, with their diverse assortment of instruments (from fiddle to washboard) came to play along with Dispatch and blew everyone away. It was truly one of the best concerts I've ever been lucky enough to experience and if ever I got another chance to see them, I would not have to think twice.

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