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Jingle Ball 2012

TD Garden in Boston, MA
Jingle Ball twenty-twelve was held at the TD Garden for the first time in Boston. The show sold out in minutes, with a line up of many hit artists. Boston?s most popular radio station, Kiss 108, hosted the annual event containing a variety of acts including The Wanted, Train and Justin Bieber.

The beginning of the show started with smaller acts to pump up the audience. Alex Clair showed a great solo performance with his most recent work. As soon as his hit song, Too Close started to play the crowd erupted. This was the first time we heard the real strength of the audience.

During the third song, Ed Shareen broke three strings on his acoustic guitar. His voice won the crowd over even before he performed The A Team, which really brought the audience into the show. The melody of the song was enough to change the mood in the entire Garden.

Karmin, then took the stage with an unique look. Their music, which consists of a variety of rock, pop, and rap, really pumped the crowd up bringing new life to the show. Karmin was able to get the crowd really into the show with songs like Crash Your Party and Brokenhearted.

In order to have this many artists in one show, a rotating stage was used to switch between acts. Matt Siegel from Matty in the morning introduced each of the acts. The Wanted was next on the list as the rotating stage shifted the set around. The team of 5 really got into the audience and had more time on stage than previous acts. Each singer performed a solo session and then brought it back to the group of 5 at some point during their performance.

Train blew up the stage with their high energy and truly showed they were having a great time at Jingle Ball. Everyone in the audience was able to relate to this band, no matter what age. For their new single, Mermaid, the band invited 20 young fans to be part of the show. The lead singer of Train grabbed fan?s cameras and took photos with each of the audience members. It was a great gift to those who waited a very long time to be in the front row.

At the end of the night the anticipation was killing the audience. Then Matty appeared on stage and the crowd erupted. His next words were, ?And here is our present to you, Justin Bieber.? At this time the only thing you could hear were young girls screaming at the top of their lungs. He rocked the stage with his dance crew and stunned the crowd. Overall the show had a great variety of acts and was enjoyable for all.

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