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Just Surrender, Ice Nine Kills, The Venetia Fair, and We Are! The New Year

Wakefield UU Church in Wakefield, MA
So last Saturday night I traveled from Brockton to Wakefield, MA to the Wakefield UU Church. Now this show was from four in the afternoon all the way to eleven at night. However, my friend and I didn't arrive until seven. So sorry to all the bands that I didn't get to catch earlier in the day. Well when we arrived the first band we got to see was We Are! The New Year!

We Are! The New Year! is a small energetic pop-punk band from Pennsylvania. The band consists of Brian Alaburda (vocals), DJ McAuley (guitar), Pat Shively (guitar), Clay Stauffer (drums), and Jimi McCullian (bass). I had never heard of them before so I didn't know what to expect. Well they left a great first impression; their music was very lively and really had me captured. It seems like everyone was enjoying it as well and the energy they put out was great. The singer Brian was very energetic and the crowd loved it. I'll be sure catch them live again when they stop in Massachusetts. And make sure to purchase some of their songs like "Stuttering", "California", and "Confessions of a Spider".

The next band that we watched was The Venetia Fair. Now I have heard of this band, listen to their album 'The Circus', and I've even met them back at Warped Tour 2009. The Venetia Fair is made up Benjamin "Benny" Santoro (vocals), Mr. Chark, Samuel "Sam" Parsons, Joe Brown, and Chris "C-Vegas" that's all according to Facebook. Anyways I always thought their music was very different but that's is what makes it really enjoyable and refreshing to hear. I've never seen them live so I was hoping it was going to be great just like their album. Well, let me tell you that they put on a live performance unlike any I have ever seen before. It was strange, crazy, unpredictable, and downward wet (a lot of water was being tossed and spit out). But it was great! They put out an energy that had the audience on the edge and had them taken back, but by the end of their performance the crowd was loving every minute of it. There is one thing particular that stood out to me. And that is when Benny ripped out some of his own hair and blew it into the crowd. It was insane and I look to the people behind me they were mimicking his actions and were saying how crazy it was for him to do that. The Venetia Fair, wow, I can't wait to see them perform live again. Be sure to check out their music video for "The Ringleader" on Youtube and their album "The Circus".

Next there was Ice Nine Kills, the band that my friend dragged me to see, I didn't mind one bit. I had heard of them but never listened to their music. Let me tell you that by the end of the night that's all I wanted to listen on the ride back home because they really caught my attention. Ice Nine Kills is a band from Boston, MA (represent!) and its band members are Spencer (Vocals, Screams), JD (Guitar, Screams), Shane (Bass, Vocals), Justin (Guitar), and Conor (Drums). You could already tell that the crowd was anxious to see them. As my friend and I were squished right against the stage the crowd even started to chant "Ice Nine Kills! Ice Nine Kills!" Yeah, this was going to be a very interesting show I had a gut feeling. As soon as they played everyone went wild. People were jumping, singing, screaming, pushing, pulling, and it was amazing! By the second song everyone was sweating and breathing heavily. The really did put on an awesome show. I'm so glad my friend took me out to see them.Recently I've been listening to their albums "Last Chance To Make Amends", "Safe Is Just A Shadow", and "The Burning". And I suggest you go check them out too!

The final band of the evening was Just Surrender. Jason Maffucci (vocals), Dan Simons (Vocals, Guitar), Steve Miller (Drums), and Kyle Shellhammer (Bass, Vocals) made up the band. I have heard of this band and I believe I had seen them live when they were touring with another band. What I remember of that show was good. So now I was expecting to really see what this band had to bring to the table. Now even though the crowd had died down there were still fans there to see them particularly the three girls next to my friend and I. When their performance began I was taken away, their music was just fantastic. Memories from the past show I saw them at were coming back to me and they put on a show to remember. The best part for me really was when Jason and Dan sang some songs by themselves. I might not have known a single word to any of their songs but I do know the melodies and the great songs they have put out into their albums. I advise that everyone should go check them out soon!

After they were done many of the bands were still around kicking it, talking, having fun, and interacting with the fans. With the low amount of money I had I gave five dollars to my friend to buy some Ice Nine Kills shorts. Then I had the pleasure of talking to Jason Maffucci from Just Surrender and gave him my final two dollars for gas for them. I didn't mind, being on the road is tough and costly so I didn't care really I felt happy to help. But I able to take a quick photo with him before hitting the road again back to Brockton. To every band I saw that night; great job, keep up the good work, and thanks for the fun night!

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