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The National in Richmond, VA
Silverstein Concert Review by Tony - AltRockLive.com Alt Rock LiveOne of the luckiest things about being so close to Canada is how often bands start touring in the Detroit area. Silverstein is probably without a doubt the most popular post-hardcore band from our northern neighbors. This tour is all about Silverstein promoting their new album, This Is How the Wind Shifts. Silverstein has been cranking out music solidly since 2003 and recently they have been on a roll. In 2011, they released Rescue with lukewarm reception and decent radio airplay. 2012 brought us their passion project, Short Songs, a tribute to the bands that inspired Silverstein.
Accompanying Silverstein on this "North American Tour" is Issues, Secrets, Glass Cloud, and Like Moths to Flames. Let us start with the opening band, Issues. Issues is a melting pot of post-hardcore bands who came together to dominate this genre. Front man Tyler Carter, formerly of "Woe, Is Me," is well established within the genre for his ability to hit those high-notes with his clean vocals. Though this band only has an EP out right now, they took the stage with a storm of energy to get the crowd amped. Normally, Glass Cloud would be next on the line-up; however, their van blew out a tire and they had to rent a U-Haul just to make the show. Secrets kindly pushed ahead their schedule to give Glass Cloud a chance on their first day of tour. Secrets kept the energy kinetic with their massive amounts of breakdowns and rapid stage movement. The vocals were crisp and brutal, everything you would want in a band opening for such a legend as Silverstein. Secrets has a lot of potential to be very big in this genre. Glass Cloud finally manages to scurry on stage and makes use of Secrets equipment for time constraints. This did not end up being a problem at all. Still covered from the snow outside of, they instantly got into their routine and started producing the most hardcore music available that night. While this music is not generally my cup of tea, it did make for one insanely fun time to be in a mosh-pit. Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining bands I've seen on stage in a long time. Like Moths to Flames served as another solid contribution to the amount of break downs and high energy unclean vocals blasting through the air. Like Moths had incredibly tight instrumentals; their chemistry is undeniable.
The crowd was ready for Silverstein to return to their former glory. The release of their single "Massachusetts" has fans beyond excited for their new material. I must confess myself, I was also overwhelmed with anticipation about the new music from my interview with Shane (lead vocalist). The promise of crowd favorites such as Smashed Into Pieces, Smile In Your Sleep, My Heart Bleeds No More, and My Sword Vs. Your Dagger were all present and masterfully executed. Their set was such a breath of fresh air from the massive amounts of breakdowns and unclean vocals. Normally, Silverstein does not restrain their hardcore side; however, they played it relatively light this night. It was a sign of relief and for me personally, better this way. As mentioned before, being the first stop on a tour means one important thing: rested musicians. I would not be surprised if Shane did not lose his voice after his powerful performance to give fans exactly what they wished for.
For a while, I felt a bit out of place at this event. Standing in line next to young girls sporting braces and drunken buffoons in 15 degree weather as the snow dwindled down upon my friend and I, I started having second thoughts. Was I too old for this already? I grew up with Silverstein. My high school years were filled with multiple copies of their CD's in my car because I used them so much they would become too scratched to play. The moment they took the stage, all of that doubt was gone instantaneously. The surge from the speakers was monumental and deafening. Everything a rock show should be, it was.
I must confess, I have not been this excited about an album in quite some time. The new songs combine an element of their newer, harder sound, while returning to their catchy chords and hooks from their earlier days. February 5 is when their new album drops.

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