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Slightly Stoopid

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI
This show was sold out for good reason. It was such a chill time. Unfortunately we missed most of Fishbone's set due to parking issues. What we did see of them was really great though. They wore crazy clothes and really put on a good show. They had great energy and were really easy to dance to. The set change between them and Slightly Stoopid was surprisingly fast.

They started their set with "Wicked Rebel" off of 2003's "Everything You Need" which seemed to be a crowd favorite and really got everyone moving. They played a little bit of everything, old and new. The collaboration between them and fishbone toward the end of the show was very entertaining. They played "Baby I like it" from 2007's "Chronchitis" with Dre Gipson filling in for G. Love. Naturally, this turned into a ska version of "Baby I like it Raw". Slightly Stoopid ended up playing two encores one of which featured percussionist OG's beat boxing.

Lupo's was a great venue for these guys. This place has a good flow and the crowd was great, everyone was so friendly, which may have had something to do with all the weed smoke floating around.

I would strongly suggest anyone that likes Sublime to check out Slightly Stoopid because they put on a really good show and after all Sublime's Bradley Nowell was the first to sign them to skunk records.

I can't give this show a 10 seeing as I missed about a third of it. With that said I would definitely give it a solid 8.

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