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Taking Back Sunday, Circa Survive, and Primitive Weapons

Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel in Providence, RI
Last night's show was incredible. Words cannot describe the experience that I encountered that night. Of the many, many, concerts I’ve been to, this was in my top 5.

I arrived at Lupo's about a half hour before the first band was scheduled to play. Shortly after, Primitive Weapons, the first band on the bill, took the stage. To be completely honest, I wasn’t very into their performance and style of music. In addition they just didn’t seem like they fit too well with the rest of the bands. Although the instruments were played well, I just found it very hard to get past the continuous screaming vocals. All in all, I’d give them about a 5/10 rating for their performance last night.

Next up to play was Circa Survive. I have listened to some of their music before but still didn’t really know what they were going to be like. Everyone in the crowd kept saying things like “They put on an amazing show”, and “I’ve seen them 12 times now and they’re more amazing every time”. It didn’t take very long after they started playing to realize that all everyone had been saying was true.

As soon as they came on stage, the pit opened up and became crazy. This was one of the very few shows that I actually stayed in the pit the entire show. It may not have been the best idea, but it was definitely lots of fun. I soon found myself completely immersed in their music and the crowd. Overall, they put on a great performance and had an excellent crowd reaction. When giving them a rating I’d have to give nothing less then an 8/10 for their performance.

After a long wait, finally Taking Back Sunday hit the stage. They came out opening with “Cute without the E”. Not to my surprise, the entire pit was moving and the whole crowd was screaming the lyrics back at the band. For the entirety of their set, this went on. Oh, and I said the pit was crazy for Circa Survive; if theirs was crazy then I don’t even know what to call Taking Back Sunday’s pit. Person after person after person kept flying over my head crowd surfing to the front. There was also an intense mosh pit that lasted for their whole set.

Once again, Taking Back Sunday didn’t let me down with their amazing musical performance. The band as a whole emanates such a powerful sound that there’s no way you can’t love it. They played all their hits such as “Liar”, “What’s it feel like to be a ghost?”, “You Know How I Do”, and finally finished it off with “MakeDamnSure”. As always, I had an amazing experience at the show and can’t wait to do it again. Of the three times I’ve seen Taking Back Sunday live, I’d rate this one the best giving it a 9/10 for their performance. They truly know how to put on a good show.

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