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Young The Giant with Civil Twilight

The Cotillion Ballroom in Wichita, KS
If you had asked me about a month ago if I had ever heard of Civil Twilight or Young the Giant I would have told you no. But, after listening to them and seeing a live performance from both bands, they are two bands that have made it into my summer 2012 playlist.

Wichita is not known for much of a strong indie/electric scene for bands like Civil Twilight and YTG, so I was surprised that they would come to Wichita. The Cotillion Ballroom is also not known for hosting bands like YTG. So overall I was interested to see how YTG sounded live as well at Civil Twilight.
Civil Twilight opened first, and their stage presence was great and they really brought you into the music. Even though they sounded great and had great songs to me they sounded very monotonous and all the songs ran together. But, they also were very friendly and talked to fans in between songs. Overall I would have to give them a 7/10

Now after Civil Twilight was done you could start to tell who was there for which band. Young the Giant didn't even give people time to started getting hyped up for their entrance. They came out swinging and with amazing energy, I really got into the show and I had only been listening to their CD for about 2 weeks. Sameer Gadhia's voice was probably one of the best I have ever heard, his voice changes with each song they played, say for instance when they played "My Body" his voice was upbeat and very powerful and he commanded the stage, he MADE you watch him. Then there would be more mellow songs such as "I Got" which was the polar opposite of "My Body" it is a very mellow song and Gadhia's voice became soulful and even sounded like he could have been in a jazz band.

Before I make this entire concert review on my new love of YTG, I would have to say hands down I would give YTG a 10/10.

Overall this concert with full of energy and great music. If you haven't, you need to check out Civil Twilight's newest album "Holy Weather" and Young the Giant's debut self titled album. I know both of these CD's will make it onto your summer 2012 playlists.

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